Fuchur is the original name of the luckdragon in the “Never Ending Story”. Fuchur is optimistic, friendly, dignified, helpfull and wise, trying to help us remember to “never give up and good luck will find us”.

Natalie de Groote is the founder and guide of Fuchur huskies.

Born and grown up in Germany, she loved nature and outdoorliving since her youth. After studying some biology courses at the university, she did an education in classic homeopathic healing for animals, got 4 kids and was the owner of an ecologic farm with cows, horses, hens and goats for 12 years. She milked goats and made cheese beside raising her kids.

Natalie has been working with dogs and horses since she was 12 years.

Art projects like painting and all kinds of handycrafts have allways been another important part of her life. She is an enthusiastic woolfelter.

Because she wanted to live in the middle of a wild nature she decided 2012 to move from Germany to the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. Her kids, a dog and five horses followed. Here she could practice her live “her way” and could learn a lot of outdoor skills.

Since a few years she is running a small Siberian husky kennel with 13 dogs by now.

Arctic lifestyle, the outdoors and better possibilities for dogsledding leaded her to northern Jämtland, where she is living now in the beautiful village of Storåbränna, very close to the mountains and a big nature reservation with her little family of kids, dogs and horses.

Natalie has a wilderness first aid certificate.